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Fall/Winter 2000 Volume I Issue I

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As you may have noticed, failbetter has no advertisements or endorsements popping up in our margins.  This was a conscious decision on our part – a judgment based more upon our moral and esthetic desires than the obvious financial considerations.  Nevertheless, though not an official endorsement on our part, we do provide the following growing list of useful links for the literary-web-surfing-soul:

Good Starting Points – Literary search sites to find our brethren and more:

LitLine -

Pilot Search -

Web Del Sol -

The Zuzu's Petals Literary Resource Homepage -

Just Five of our Friends – If you’ve checked the above sites, you know there are hundreds:

5_Trope -

Impossible Object -

McSweeney’s -

Pif Magazine -

Salon -

Traditional Printed Publication – Our forefathers, just to name a few:

Harper's -

Publisher's Weekly -

New York Times Book Review -

Granta -

The Paris Review -

Ploughshares -

The New Yorker -

Grand Street -

Conjunctions -

The New York Review of Books -

Some Reasonably Useful Resources/Literary Organizations.

The Academy of American Poets -

Associated Writing Programs -





Poets & Writers -

The Poetry Society of America -

Teachers & Writers Online -

Booksellers – Or as we like to call them “free research tools.”

The Big Boys: -

Barnes & Noble -

Or should you be the one who willfully takes the road less traveled: -

Community Bookstore & Café -

Conferences – When you’re feeling a little lonely.

Not part of the MFA produce?  Can only afford a few weeks to surround yourself with a lot of talent in a lovely setting?  Try applying to and attending a Conference.  You can search through the hundreds of them at ShawGuides, Inc. | Writers Conferences ( or simply take our word and look at the top three:

Bread Loaf Writers' Conference -

Sewanee Writers’ Conference -

Squaw Valley -