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Fall/Winter 2000 Volume I Issue I

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Doug Malone
"Proximity IV"

What's Up

The next failbetter presents reading is October 20th, 2000,  7:30PM, at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Dawn Raffel, Victoria Redel, and Christine Schutt will read from new works.

For more information, drop us a line.

Issue 1 - Fall 2000

From the Editors

"The fact that was founded by two self-proclaimed Luddites is a philosophical inconsistency we are willing to live with..." 


"Moscow Dogs"..... Martha Cooley

"Every winter, four or five dogs die weekly of cold or starvation in Moscow..."

"Hiding, Seeking"..... Catherine Fisher

"Out back behind the big house, that was where wed play..."

"Savior" ..... Lisa Shea

"At night I watch the animals..."


Michael Chabon

"I don't miss it - the experience of being the Next Big Thing - so much as wish that I had, at the time, enjoyed it more..."


"Brother, Sister" ..... Amy Holman

"Where there is no accumulation of trust, but snowy pines,
salt on the tongue, do we turn away too soon, shiver and frown?"

"The Other World" ..... Amy Holman

"Migratory Song" .... Amy Holman

"Texan".....Jonah Winter

"I am a Texan
made in Texas
born in Texas
fed on Texas vegetables
and beef..."

"Excerpt from Wallace Stevens' Diary" 
..... Jonah Winter

"Excerpt from Wallace Stevens' Diary, Part II" 
..... Jonah Winter

"The House of Poetry" ..... Jonah Winter

"The Broom" ..... Lee Upton

"The rocks shone like emery boards..."

"Apology to Keats" ..... Lee Upton


"Proximity IV".....Doug Malone

"My work as a figurative painter arises from a deep and abiding sense of isolation and detachment. All human beings, to some degree, experience such feelings; they are universal..."

"Proximity VII".....Doug Malone

"Head Study" ..... Doug Malone

"Procession II" ..... Doug Malone

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