Winter/Spring 2001Volume II Issue I

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From the Editors


Thanks for finding us.  This, our second issue, takes up where our first left off.  We want to thank all of you who visited and supported us from the start (our subscription list is now well into the thousands) and invite each newcomer as well.  Herein you will find works by artists both established and emerging.  As always, any bias we have comes from the work itself, not its creator.  I mean, who are these people, anyway?  This Sixten Abbott, that Peter Markus, this Whittemore, Shuler, and Ames?  David Hollander, yes, the author of the much-acclaimed L.I.E, appears here, but so what?  It's his, "The Day After," that caught our eyes and ears and hearts, not the snazzy cover of his well-received book.  Zervanos?  Who is this Zervanos?  And where does he get off writing such a good story as his?  And Carlos Yu--Who is this guy, from Wisconsin no less, who beautifully turns his own crooked screw, displacing and disrupting  history as we know it?  Listen:  We here at failbetter are no less than floored by these and the others that have chosen to nail their hearts to our site.  And we also want to thank you. But who are you?  And why are you wasting your time with this "From the Editors" bit, when the real meat is just inside?  Here, go ahead, dig in.