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Sixten Abbot
"Triptych I"

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failbetter presents 

The reading series continues...  The next session is tentatively scheduled for April 22nd, 2001,  7:00PM, at Great Lakes.


Stay tuned for more details..


For more information please drop us a line. 


David Hamill


Issue 2 - Winter/Spring 2001

From the Editors

"Thanks for finding us...."


"The Day After"..... David Hollander

"Summer. Blinding, blistering, suffocating summer. On Long Island, middle Long Island, west of the vainglorious Hamptons and east of any bonafide Manhattan affiliation, on this Long Island of housing developments and strip malls, of American Dreams flayed across the blanched sod of half-acre rectangles, here all summers are such, as far back as anyone remembers..."

"Behind Curtains"..... Jim Zervanos

"From my grandfather's driveway I stared at the bleak front yard, once carpeted in pink feathery fallout from giant mimosas..."

"Our Father Who Walks On Water Comes Home With Two Buckets of Fish"..... Peter Markus

"We watch our father walk on water. He is walking across it. Our father is crossing this dirty river that runs through this dirty river town. He is crossing the river, coming back from the riverís other side. We see that he has, hanging from each of his muddy hands, a muddy bucket..."

"Biographers"..... Greg Ames

"She was born in Pittsburgh in 1971. As a child she played alone in a dirt lot behind her familyís wooden farmhouse, hacking the synthetic hair off her dolls with left-handed scissors. "Naughty!" she scolded, roughly swinging a new doll in her fist. "You are bad bad bad!" ..."

"Angel of History"..... Carlos Yu

"Hi all. Once there was a war, between North and South, and the war was lost, and the war was won, as is usually the case. Yet the outcome is still contested, in a thousand small ways..."


Donald Antrim

"Donald Antrim's most recent novel, The Verificationist, is yet another step upon the bold literary path that Mr. Antrim is making for himself.  Satire, invention, intelligence, heart: these are the elements that Antrim utilizes to stand apart from the norm in American fiction...."


"New Theory on the Populating of America" ..... Jack Shuler

"Storm clouds clamp down as dozens of fur-
adorned bodies flounder across the strait.''

"Dig" ..... Jack Shuler

"Mr. Poet" .... Jack Shuler

"Animals Are Excellent" .... Jack Shuler

"s a i n t l y" ..... Terrance Hayes

"What the Bible said. A satin

cassock. A tail

that never drags in the dirt..."

"g e n e r a l" ..... Terrance Hayes

"n u c l e a r" ..... Terrance Hayes

"o v e r s e a s" ..... Terrance Hayes

"First" ..... Mary Whittemore

"you put me

between your hands

and squeeze''

"Conversation" ..... Mary Whittemore

"p.s." ..... Mary Whittemore

"Earthly Love I" ..... Mary Whittemore

"Earthly Love II" ..... Mary Whittemore


"Triptych I"..... Sixten C. Abbot

"Every day, we are surrounded by ordinary objects which would, considered in another light, cease to be ordinary. This is the ultimate purpose of all art - to transcend the everyday and offer a new perspective for consideration..."

"Twins II"..... Sixten C. Abbot

"Trinity" ..... Sixten C. Abbot

"Path" ..... David Hamill

"My work is a combination of science fiction, real technology and abstraction. Each piece is loosely based upon a scientific theory, field or concept, most having to do with our desire to extend ourselves as individuals and a species..."

"Rolling" ..... David Hamill

"Tops" ..... David Hamill

"Blue Nanos" ..... David Hamill

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