Winter/Spring 2001Volume II Issue I

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The Editors

Thom Didato
David McLendon

In Theory is a quarterly e-zine in the spirit of a traditional literary journal dedicated to publishing quality fiction, poetry and artwork.  While the web plays host to hundreds, if not thousands, of genre-related literary sites (i.e. sci fi and horror many of which have merit) is not one of them.  We place a high degree of importance on originality believing that even in this age of trends   it is still possible. is not looking for what is current or momentary.  We are not concerned with length: One good sentence may find a home here; as the bulk of mediocrity will not.  Most importantly, know that what you are saying could only come from you.  When you are sure of this, please feel free to submit.

In Practice encourages submissions via email ( All email submissions should include title in header.  All fiction and poetry submissions must be included in the body of your email.  Please do not send attached files.  If for whatever reason, you wish to submit a story in Word format, please query first.  For artwork, please send query with samples attached in .jpg format. 

For the technically inept, submissions may also be sent with SASE via postal mail at:
63 Eighth Avenue, #3A
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Please note, however, any materials accepted for publication must ultimately be submitted in electronic format in order to appear on our site.

We strongly recommend that you not only read the previous issue, but also sign up on our email list ( to be notified of future publications. acquires exclusive first-time internet rights.  Works will also be archived online.  All other rights, including opportunity to publish in print form, revert to the artist.  Submissions are accepted year round.  Unfortunately, there is no remuneration.

Fiction:  Original, unpublished short stories or self-contained novel excerpts.

PoetryFour to six previously unpublished poems. 

Art:  Three to five samples of your work.

While welcomes unsolicited work, we cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged submissions.  Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, if not understandable.  Our typical response time is 2-3 weeks on electronic submissions and 2-3 months for regular mail.  Note: we will not respond to any email inquiry regarding receipt confirmation or status of any work under consideration.