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Spring/Summer 2002

From the Editor
Thom Didato

Robert Cohen

"Three Times Out"
fiction by
Lynn Kozlowski

"The Mysterious Life of Eppitt Clapp: An All-True False Biography"
fiction by
Julianna Baggott

fiction by
Nelly Reifler

"Proud Flesh"
fiction by
Bill Spratch

"Man Killing Minotaur"
fiction by
Shawn Aron Vandor

"Ballad of the Strong Man in New York"
"In Defense of Eva Braun"
poems by
Suzanne Burns

"The Sandbox"
poems by
Barry Ballard

"Human Condition"
poem by
M. Sammons

"Icelandic Village"
"Reykjavik Harbor"

"House and Sheep"
"Self-Portrait in Landscape"
paintings by Louisa

"The Demon Downcast"
"The Demon Seated"
"Head of the Demon"
"The Demon and Tamara"
paintings by
Mikhail Vrubel



The Sandbox

There is an internal landscape, a geography of the soul;
we search for its outlines all our lives.

Josephine Hart

Sometimes the world sifts its clod of troubles
into a rain of primordial sand,
while waiting on you to sweep your armful
of strength through its last mountain and the land
around it escaping the pinned borders
of space and time. It smoothes itself (devoid
of fear), waiting on your humming words
above it, singing from the outline of joy,

Waiting on the shapes that have not quite reached
the intricate details quarried in your
fingers, the playfulness of your first touch
where suddenly hope is the mystique
of a signature drawn in front of you,
winding its meaning through the hours of dust.

2002 Barry Ballard

Barry Ballard's sonnets have most recently appeared in Smartish Pace, Rosebud, Hollins Critic, National Forum, The Florida Review and Quarterly West. Recipient of the "Explorations Award for Literature" from the University of Alaska and the "Boswell Poetry Prize" from Texas Christian University, Ballard has also published two prize winning collections: Green Tombs to Jupiter (Snails Pace Press Poetry Prize, NY, 2000) and A Time To Reinvent (Creative Ash Press Poetry Prize, PA, 2001).

He writes from Burleson, Texas.


















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