vol. 61

Image for Casualty by Cortney McLellan


Cortney McLellan

Floyd could make no sense of the snow pants. Or the jacket she wore all the time, even in the house, since returning home for Christmas Break...

Twenty Fifteen

Matt McBride

Because some years count double. / Because we were bobbing for apples / in gasoline.

City of Abandoned Warehouses

Matt McBride

Inside great stadiums / we jostle. // We watch our televisions / only a few hours / before throwing them out.

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3 weeks 3 days ago

You made it!  It’s failbetter volume 61.  As you’ve noticed, things are a little bit different around here

4 months 3 weeks ago

"Ugh," you say out loud as soon as you load the page.  "Who thought this was a good idea?  Really?  It took just about a year to come up with this?"