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Our Pushcart Prize nominees

We've published a lot of great stuff over the course of the past year, and had a hard time deciding which three stories, and three poems, to nominate for Pushcart Prizes. But after much back-and-forth among ourselves, we managed to do so. Here's the list:

Our Tenth Anniversary Novella Contest

The novella is an unduly neglected form. Death in Venice, Heart of Darkness, Miss Lonelyhearts—would any of these find its way into print today, if it came from any but a well-known author? For traditional publishers, the fixed costs of making a book are too great an obstacle—to justify this outlay, a book has to sell for a price higher than most buyers are willing to pay, for a text that may come in at "only," say, fifty pages.

Mutatis mutandis

We have new competition, or rather a new colleague, in the online lit game, but not from just another litmag. 863's and Nathan Moore's Mutating the Signature is a bit different from traditional journals - check out the site to see what real-time collaborative editorship, and authorship, means in practice.