An Introduction, and then some things that are funny. . .

So, it's a little strange to introduce yourself--you know, the awkwardness and limitations of the first person POV. I'll make it short and sweet:

My name is Shannon O'Neill and I'm the brand spanking new social media director here at Failbetter. I'm a Taurus, I remember a world before the Internet and I'm currently pursuing an MFA here in Richmond, VA. Before my stint here in RVA, I was a Metro Detroit native,and remain a Midwesterner at heart.

Here is what I look like when I'm smiling:


I like to think of my role here as social media director as your cruise director on the SS Failbetter. Via this blog, Facebook and Twitter, I will help manage your activities and expectations (Example: "Have you seen the great new [story] [interview][poem] by [insert fantastic author name]?"), share the news of the day (Example: "Literature is dead, again?"), and will generally be the first to know things and disseminate said information in a fashion that might save your life.

Now, on to the promised funniness. Leave it to The Paris Review to keep the modern classic: