Obelix, freebasing

Nothing new on our homepage today - we're taking a break to clean the grill, and drain the radiator on ol' number 66 - 77? 88? I can never remember.  Anyway, not to worry about our seeming inaction - if you're signed up for our monthly FAILBYMAIL newsletter, stay tuned. Tomorrow you'll get a sneak peek at a piece that will go live later this month, and is one of our favorites.  It's Pranav Behari's "Asterix and the Battle of Algiers" - a story that asks the question, What if Obelix had been a freebaser?  It asks other vaguely addled and ahistorical but fascinating-and-fun questions too, as you can guess from the title, but meditate on that one for now, as you bide your time, waiting to read it.  And if you're not signed up for FBM - well, do so right now, at that link I just gave you, and will give you now, once more, for good measure, spelled out this time:  http://failbetter.com/phplist/lists/?p=subscribe.

Next week? you ask.  As well you should - next week will be a big one, what with announcing the winner of our 10th anniversary novella contest, and pubbing some great new poems by John Rybicki.  A lot on our plate, and all the more reason to spend this week resting up, and getting ready.