Our novella contest - The Finalists

We're pleased to announce that from among the more than 800 entries to our Tenth Anniversary Novella Contest, we've selected a handful of finalists. Each of these works is strong, worthy not just of publication, but appreciation as well:

Lou Mathews, "The Irish Septet"
Liana Scalettar, "The Daughter in Brittany"
Susan Daitch, "Free City"
Ken Brosky, "The Occupation of the Emerald City"
Paul Grussendorf, "Philly Noir"
Nathan Hill, "Venezia"
Joy Laughter, "Black Horse Fever"
Fred McGavran, "Dead Soldiers by Nikolai Gogol"
Jason Rice, Untitled
Michael Spann, "Wake in Heat"
Jim Zervanos, "Gyro"

We had intended to announce the prizewinner tomorrow, July 15. But we're having an awful time deciding which to pick! So we've called in reinforcements - a couple of friends who are experienced writers and editors. We're asking them to read these novellas, and give us their take.

We'll announce our winner on September 8. The winner will receive a $500 prize, and we'll publish the winning entry.

Watch this space for the prize announcement, as well as more news about our site, and forthcoming events.