When All the World Is Old: the new collection from John Rybicki

We've published more poems by John Rybicki than by anyone else. He writes with both power and amazing versatility, drawing again and again on his own experience, from the joyous to the terrible, and coming up, each time, with something fresh, new, and raw. Nowhere is this more true than in the poems he wrote for and about Julia Moulds, his late wife, whose struggle with cancer defined their relationship from early on. Now those poems, some of which first appeared right here, have been collected and published by Lookout, in When All the World Is Old:

At the age of twenty-nine, just five years after they met, John Rybicki’s wife, the poet Julie Moulds, was diagnosed with cancer. Here, in poems raw and graceful, authentic and wise, Rybicki pays homage to the brave love they shared during her sixteen-year battle and praises the caregivers—nurses and doctors and friends—who helped them throughout. He invites the reader to bear witness to not only the chemotherapy, the many remissions, and the bone marrow transplants, but also the adoption of the couple’s son, the lifted prayers, borrowed time, and lovers’ last touches.

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