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An Introduction, and then some things that are funny. . .

So, it’s a little strange to introduce yourself–you know, the awkwardness and limitations of the first person POV. I’ll make it short and sweet:

My name is Shannon O’Neill and I’m the brand spanking new social media director here at Failbetter. I’m a Taurus, I remember a world before the Internet and I’m currently pursuing an MFA here in Richmond, VA. Before my stint here in RVA, I was a Metro Detroit native,and remain a Midwesterner at heart.

Here is what I look like when I’m smiling:


I like to think of my role here as social media director as your cruise director on the SS Failbetter. Via this blog, Facebook and Twitter, I will help manage your activities and expectations (Example: “Have you seen the great new [story] [interview][poem] by [insert fantastic author name]?”), share the news of the day (Example: “Literature is dead, again?”), and will generally be the first to know things and disseminate said information in a fashion that might save your life.

Now, on to the promised funniness. Leave it to The Paris Review to keep the modern classic:


Off Donner!


Anyway that’s where we’re headed this Christmas – off. We’re hunkering down with a carton of smokes, and whatever we score from Loaded Santa. Back in the New Year, with… you know.

It’s Turkey time

We’ll be back November 29 December 6th, with more stuff.

Jacob Ouillette’s Brushstroke paintings…

…which we featured this past summer, are on view through next Saturday, November 26, at the Nancy Margolis Gallery, at 523 W. 25th Street, in Chelsea. Do stop by to see the “real things,” as it were.

And they’re off…

…for a nice late-summer break. Beaches, etc.. Back September 6, with more stuff.


We’re off to the beach – and you? Too, we hope. We’ll be lingering a while – getting the sand out of the cracks, natch, and making our way to the bottom of that tub of lobsters. And the other one, of beer. Back June 7, with the next installment of Love By Drowning.

Spring Break

Are we sunning ourselves, on a distant white beach? Are we whiling away the hours with a Jackie Collins novel, worried about nothing save the question of whether we should start drinking at 3 or at 4? Sadly, no. But we need a break. And so we’re taking one. Back Tuesday the 22nd, with poetry by Jenn Blair.

We’re off…

…for the holidays, and so forth. Back January 4th, with a great (and sex-filled, after a fashion) new story by James Fleming.

Another nice review for a failbetter…er

buffalo lockjawCongrats to Greg Ames (Issues 17 & 2) who continues to garner great reviews for his debut novel, Buffalo Lockjaw.  Check out recent praise in Kirkus Book Reviews.

Ben Greenman: An Evening of Celebrity,
Comedy and Conversation

ben_greenman_largeWe’re using the massive power of ”the internet” to try to make people come to fb author Ben Greenman’s reading this Thursday!  Come right when doors open, you might get your memoir ghostwritten by Ben or Neil Strauss. Check out the details here.

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