Please Put My Face on the Cover of War & Peace!

failbetter has spent a lot of time of late touting the benevolent inevitability of this electronic age of publishing -- but even we've got to admit there are times such technology makes us want to gag.   Recently, Penguin Group published a book featuring Augmented Reality technology.  We're told this is the first book in the U.S. to be published as such.  Don't know what we're talking about?  Check it out!  Thankfully you don't need to even buy the book (there's a link where you can download and print the cover as a .pdf) -- just follow the easy advice of the AR tech.

Sure, we know you're thinking: "If they could only put your face on the cover and War & Peace, then that would be something, eh?"  Well, they can.

Indeed, there is an unconfirmed rumor that the big houses in NYC are developing a book with an Artificial Intelligence chip that enables the book to literally write itself.  A literally-not-so-literary creation.