We are un-dead

Can anyone understand the average HTMLGiant post anymore? We seem to remember the site being good, but lately, few of the posts make sense except as would-be Dadaist juvenilia. Most seem to be built using the formula

pick a 'literary' topic +

use some language that suggests you hold an against-the-current opinion on this topic, and have a take-no-prisoners attitude to those who disagree with you +

imply that you could express that opinion clearly and trenchantly, but know this would be condescending to your readers, who are of course super-smart, and share your opinion +

perhaps a couple of fancy words the author picked up doing some old-time book-learnin' +

the occasional superficially impressive but equally incomprehensible image.

So we're not going to ask, what does it mean that HTMLGiant has written our "obituary"?

P.S. to Blake Butler: Yes we take a long time to process submissions. We wish we could do this faster. But we are few, and read each submission, and get a lot of them. We think the quality of the fiction, poetry, and visuals on our site bears out our decision to take our time, choosing judiciously, and, often, working with authors to do line-edits to make their contributions even stronger.