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Spring/Summer 2001Volume II Issue II


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M Sarki's poems have been published in the New Orleans Review; Borderlands, A Texas Review of Poetry; elimae; Archipelago and other literary publications. 

A first collection of poems titled ZIMBLE ZAMBLE ZUMBLE, edited with a foreword by Gordon Lish, has recently been published by elimae books and can be found on the web at

M Sarki is also Associate Poetry Editor at 5_Trope.

Daniella in the Palace

M Sarki

Grapa knew I was gulping
the warp of her back
leeward to the blut

of her trigon.
And still she willed
herself to lie still,

withstand my
hysterical probing.

Aimed for the tambour.

Held it sconced, she did,
refusing all qontri.

2001 by M Sarki

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