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Spring/Summer 2001Volume II Issue II


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M Sarki's poems have been published in the New Orleans Review; Borderlands, A Texas Review of Poetry; elimae; Archipelago and other literary publications. 

A first collection of poems titled ZIMBLE ZAMBLE ZUMBLE, edited with a foreword by Gordon Lish, has recently been published by elimae books and can be found on the web at

M Sarki is also Associate Poetry Editor at 5_Trope.

Descending Argot of a Retired 

Hog Farmer

M Sarki


This is his chunky
pottage. His resolute
acumen for chowder.

A disembosomed
vulnerability producing
heroic evidence of an

old fallopian stroll.
The muscled being
of an excessive life.


2001 by M Sarki

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