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Summer/Fall 2003

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An excerpt from Project X
fiction by Jim Shepard

fiction by Liam Callanan

"Blood-Red Roses"
fiction by Leslie Blanco

"If You're Not a Bartender"
fiction by John Rubins

poetry by Jen Benka

poetry by Tom Horacek

poetry by Sadiq Bey

"Moral Improvement"
"Hunger's Story"
poetry by Adam Clay

artwork by Pamela Harris



Hunger's Story

       Claire's perspective on pizza was hesitant and different
from mine, but when hunger filled her stomach, she always perked
right up and dialed the number from memory. "Isn't it a bother
to order pizza with three toppings on one side and sixteen
on the other?" she'd ask. As it is with people who share toothbrushes,
my Socratic reply never changed: "Dear, why should we sacrifice
when we can pay people to do it for us?" Every time I said it, Claire
would get turned on and blush like a road falling off into the sea.
Then, we'd both forget the pizza and our world would become an empty
museum with all the lights off, a place where planets and airplanes
looked just like horses, grazing just beyond a fence line.

Adam Clay directs Arkansas's Writers in the Schools program and co-edits Typo Magazine. His poems have appeared in Mississippi Review, can we have our ball back?, Tarpaulin Sky, and other magazines.















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