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Summer/Fall 2003

From the Editor
Thom Didato

Richard Bausch

Jonathan Lethem

An excerpt from Project X
fiction by Jim Shepard

fiction by Liam Callanan

"Blood-Red Roses"
fiction by Leslie Blanco

"If You're Not a Bartender"
fiction by John Rubins

poetry by Jen Benka

poetry by Tom Horacek

poetry by Sadiq Bey

"Moral Improvement"
"Hunger's Story"
poetry by Adam Clay

artwork by Pamela Harris




In the seventh hour of a twelve-hour surgery
I wake from some dispiriting dream.
I am mid-stroke in a thoracotomy
on a wiry, fortyish Caucasian male.
Thankfully, I've not botched the job.
But to think I might have gives me pause.


I am driving home on Lions Gate bridge
at an hour when streets are empty, mostly.
The radio airs a finance program
where two men discuss interest rates.
At one point I nearly fall asleep.
But I manage to wake up just in time.


I'm walking down a tree-lined avenue
some ten blocks off from where I live.
Throbbing music from a party ahead
lulls me into restless sleep.
As I pass, I'm barraged with beer cans.
But I don't think even one of them hits me.


At the dining room table J. is sleeping,
a magazine spread beneath her cheek.
Through the curtains a diffuse light
illumines her hair, the magazine.
In a margin she's written: I miss you, honey.
But I am old, too old for anything but sleep.

T.R. Horacek's work has been published in Fence.




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Rachel Newton, "Dancing at Ginny's"

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Rachel Newton
Issue 7 -
Summer/Fall 2002

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