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Terrance Hayes  received a 1999 Whiting Writers Award and the 2000 Kate Tufts Discovery Award for his first book of poems,

Muscular Music

His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Harvard Review, The Beliot Poetry Journal, Chelsea, Callaloo, and River City, as well as in several anthologies, including American Poetry: The Next Generation.




The Anagram Poems are adopted from the word game puzzles found in several syndicated newspapers: 1. End words must be derived from four or more letters in the title. 2.Words which acquire four letters by the addition of "s" are not used. 3. Only one form of a verb is used.


n u c l e a r

Terrance Hayes


How to make a nation say, uncle.

In other words: how to rule.

We learn

there will be no clue

before it happens. No clear

sign from the Cosmos. A clan-

destine airplane appears wrapped in the lace

of a black dream. A flash like an ulcer

bursting in God's gut. Citizens race

about the city as the sky becomes a caul-

dron. The bones burned clean.


2001 by Terrance Hayes

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